Our Beliefs

At Merchant23, we believe that Buyers should be allowed to purchase what they need, Sellers should be able to sell their own products, and Distributors shouldn't have to do so much work. 
That's why we built the nation's first Direct-to-Trade Marketplace, backed by our network of clearing Distributors in all 50 states. It breaks down barriers, simplifies commerce, and drives business for Sellers, Buyers, and Distributors. We believe in small businesses, craft producers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Most importantly, we believe in you.

Meet The Team


As the fourth generation from Sonoma County, California, Jacob grew up connected to the wine industry. During his time as an apprentice Winemaker for a small Pinot Noir producer, Jacob discovered the need for change in the alcohol trade. He quickly expanded into sales and marketing roles for the commercial side of the alcohol business and in January of 2016, he founded Merchant23.


During her time at the Wine Business Institute and Southern Wine & Spirits, Olivia identified a glaring problem in the US alcohol industry. An old-school way of thinking coupled with a lack of modern technology use was hurting alcohol businesses. Determined to help Sellers, Buyers, and Distributors harness the power of technology, Olivia joined the Merchant23 team to make Distribution Simplified.


Daniel brings experience from multiple channels of the alcohol industry including sales, distribution, production, and hospitality. From boutique wineries in Napa and Sonoma to working for one of the largest Distributors in America, Daniel has a comprehensive understanding of the entire alcohol industry. He is dedicated to bringing change for Buyers, Sellers, and to the US market as a whole.

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Rena has been providing compliance services to the alcohol trade since 2003. Her years of experience paired with a data-driven approach give her a comprehensive understanding of the legalities within the three-tier system. As Amazon's go-to person while creating their wine system, Rena brings both the credentials and the understanding to assist every Seller using Merchant23.



After spending fifteen years in customer relations for some of the top beauty companies in the world, Lindsay brought her expertise to the alcohol industry. Her passion for consulting and helping customers are what make her successful at coordinating logistics and operations for all purchase orders. She is always striving to delight at every touch point of the supply chain.



John works with people and companies that are driven to improve the lives of individuals using platforms, data, and trust. He continually seeks to ensure that people are at the center of our business, ‚ÄúPeople First - All Else Follows." With extensive business experience and a proven track record in developing, marketing, selling and delivering real-world business solutions to large and small enterprises alike, John is our 'sherpa through the waters we wade'.

Our goal is to help you navigate the alcohol industry in any way that we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or comments!

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