2013 Benevento Moscato

2013 Benevento Moscato

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Region of Benevento
Indicazione Geografica Protetta
Made from 100% Moscato Grapes
Benevento I.G.P.
Imported from Italy
Moscato Di Amore Sweet White Wine – Alcohol 11.5% by volume

For first time wine drinkers, this is like a new love.   For seasoned wine aficionado’s, amore takes you back to your first romance; bursting with the exciting flavors of citrus and peach.  Amore leaves a sweet taste of lingering honey on your lips.

Fragranced with orange blossoms this sparkly wine will make you blush with anticipation.  Pair with brunch, dessert or enjoy as an aperitif.  Its summer love in a glass.

SRP: $20 Bottle / $240 Case

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