2013 Pura 8 Chardonnay Reserve Rapel Valley

2013 Pura 8 Chardonnay Reserve Rapel Valley

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2013 Pura 8 Chardonnay Reserve Rapel Valley

Tasting notes:
Tropical. Citrus. Vanilla.
Green and bright yellow in color, with some golden notes that slow the aging in barrels.
Nice body that gently lingers in the mouth. Well-balanced acidity and freshness.
Sushi and sashimi of tuna and salmon, Chilean seabass, creamy pastas and soft cheese.
Very complex with a mix of tropical and citrus aromas; notes of vanilla are also present from the French oak barrels

Appellation: Rapel Valley - VI Region - Chile
Country of Origin: Chile
Vineyard: Las Cabras
Alcohol: 14%
Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Nature of Soil: Volcanic, alluvial

Wine Making Technique
Selecting just the best grapes we take them through vinification under the most delicate and accurate procedure: Grapes precisely ripen are carefully harvested from the vineyard and carefully pressed almost immediately to achieve the most pure must. After, the juice is poured in large stainless steel tanks for fermentation. Before fermentation the juice is clarified.
This wine is aged approximately 5 months in barrels, after which begins the process of stabilization and filtration to acheive the perfect appearance and flavor.
The main fermentation evolves at a controlled temperature of 14c - 17.5c for a period of time until the density level indicates the complete fermentation of sugars. This process is complete after a period of fermentation in French barrels.

SRP: $15 Bottle / $180 Case