2014 Waxwing Tondre Grapefield Riesling Santa Lucia Highlands

2014 Waxwing Tondre Grapefield Riesling Santa Lucia Highlands

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2014 Waxwing Tondre Grapefield Riesling Santa Lucia Highlands 

Appearance: light straw
Aroma: mineral // stone fruit // citrus
Palette: zippy (light spritz) // harmonius // citrus
Acid:  bright 
Body: med-light 
rs 1.65% "Med Dry" 
Alcohol: 11.9%
Ageability: 3 to 7 years 
Production: 96 cases             

Grapefield/Santa Lucia Highlands

The vineyard is located in the Santa Lucia Highlands.  SLH is known
more for Pinot Noir but the cool, coastal influence from Monterrey Bay
is ideal for Riesling (and Syrah!), too.  Owner Joe Alarid planted the
Riesling vines in 2006 just as other growers were pulling out large blocks
of Riesling from the AVA.  He has 104 acres total in vines and just 3
acres of Riesling.  Elevation is 360 to 400 ft above the dry Arroyo Seco
riverbed and the soil is chualar sandy loam.  The vineyard received just
4 inches of rain during the 2013/2014 wet season (average for the site is
12 inches) so Joe had to use his drip irrigation system during the
growing season for our 2014 Tondré Riesling.  His water comes from
wells on his property and he feels the water table in the area is being
used sustainably.  He planted the vine rows in a north-south
orientation to get more even sun exposure on both sides of the vines
(traditionally the rows have mostly gone east-west in SLH vineyards).  
After bloom, he opens up the canopy with leaf pulling around the fruit
zone and tends to drop fruit after veraison to lighten the crop load and
we pick the fruit between 21 and 22 Brix and greater than 3.00 pH.

SRP $23 Bottle / $276 case