2015 Indret Priorat

2015 Indret Priorat

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2015 Indret Priorat

Type of Wine: Red wine

Wine region: D.O.Q. Priorat

Grape Variety: 60% Garnacha, 20% Cariñena and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes were exlusively harvested by hand and stored in small cases of 15 kilograms capacity. Garnacha grapes were harvested during the first week of
October, while Cariñena and Cabernet Sauvignon were harvested later during the month.

After crushing and destemming, the grapes were brought into stainless steel deposits for pre-fermentation in cold at 14 degree Celcius for 3 days to accentuate the aromatic expression before proceeding to the fermentation. The alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature of maximum 26 degrees Celsius. The bleeding of the partially fermented parts takes place after approximately 10 days. A good maceration permits us to extract a good dose of tannin structure as well as anthocyanins. The wine receives daily pipeage plus two remountings with a pump. About 15% of the wine is aged for 5-6 months in wooden barrels and then mixed with the other 80% of the wine. Subsequent aging in stainless steel deposits before bottling.

A wine with good depth, brilliant surface, cherry red color with blue tones denoting the complexity of the mixture. The smell of the ripe red fruit stands out together with subtlety of wood, contributed by the part of the wine that has aged in barrels. Denoting the origin of wine, balsamic and mineral touches are also present. The wine provides an elegant entry, with well integrated tannins and persistent aftertaste.

Alcohol Content: 14% vol.
Total Tartaric Acidity: 6.20 gr/l.
Volatile Acidity: 0,48 gr/l.
Acidity in pH: 3,45

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