2016 Domaine la Croix Saint Laurent Sancerre Blanc

2016 Domaine la Croix Saint Laurent Sancerre Blanc

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2016 Domaine la Croix Saint Laurent Sancerre Blanc

Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc, 45-year-old vines.
Soil Composure: 67% limestone, 33% chalky clay.
Farming: Farmed sustainably, dry farmed, harvested by hand.
Winemaking: Direct press fermentation into stainless steel tanks.
Tasting Notes: Very pungent nose, floral, stony, stone fruits. Supple, full and nervy mouthfeel, very complex, with flavors of tangerine, kumquat, nectarine. Complex, structured and balanced, with a super long finish. A wine of great energy, brightness and vibrancy.

Since the early 19th century, the Domaine la Croix Saint-Laurent’s proprietor’s passion for winemaking has been passed from one generation to the next. Joël and Sylvie Cirotte and their son Fabien (11th generation winemaker), embody this passion today. The estate is nestled among rolling hills, in the winemaking village of Bué, just a few kilometers from Sancerre toward Bourges.

The 9.5 ha (23.5 acres) property benefits from a southwestern exposure and a unique microclimate, due to its proximity to the Loire River and altitude. The vineyards of Bué are amongst the very best of the Sancerre Appellation d’Origine Controlée (AOC).

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