Bolet Vinya Sota Bosc Penedes

Bolet Vinya Sota Bosc Penedes

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Bolet Vinya Sota Bosc Penedes

Elaboration: Night harvested to pick the grapes fresh, macerated for 18 hours at 10ºc before pressing. Made from only the first 60% of the grape juice, fermented at 14º for 3 weeks in our stainless steel tanks.

Color: The wine exhibits a pale yellow color with reflections
of green

Aroma: Intense and fruity where the two varieties are giving a nice and complex nose which is dominated by tropical and citrus with a background of flowers such as roses.
Palate: It's soft and pleasant, all the mouth is freshness and tastes nice with a good balance of acidity.

Varietal: 75% Muscat, 25% Gewürztraminer

Alcohol: 11%

SRP: $14 Bottle / $168 Case