Many Sellers face difficulties breaking into new markets, finding Distributors to support their products, and navigating the complex Three-tier System. Merchant23 is here to help.

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Licensed alcohol beverage Sellers can sell their products Direct-to-Trade nationwide. The marketplace is where you can tell the story of your brand, add images, tasting notes, winemaker details, and more. Trade Buyers can discover your products, negotiate pricing, request samples, and place orders directly with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I'm not registered in a Buyers' state?

No worries! The Merchant23 compliance team is here to help you. We can file all of the paperwork on your behalf, or you can do it yourself, whichever you prefer. You only have to get registered once an order comes through, so you don't have to worry about wasting money.

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What is this cost of joining?

Joining Merchant23 is FREE! Merchant23 builds a transaction fee, distribution fee, and shipping on top of your FOB case price. You always make what you want and there are no minimums.

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Who owns my inventory?

Sellers own and warehouse their own inventory. You can update your available inventories through the Sellers Portal. Merchant23 does not own any product, it’s yours until you sell it! 

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How do I get started?

Begin by creating a Seller’s account. Then start uploading your products, images, wholesale case prices, inventories, and SRPs. It's takes less than 10 minutes - seriously.

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Merchant23 Seller's Guide

The Seller’s Guide is a comprehensive overview of how you can be successful with Merchant23 including:

  • How to sell Direct-to-Trade
  • Creating a Sellers account
  • Tips for uploading products
  • Details about our distribution partnerships
  • Invoicing & payment
  • Compliance & licensing
  • Why Merchant23 is right for you
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What Sellers Are Saying

"We've been using Merchant23 for well over a year and it has been a tremendous partnership for us. All of the staff are incredibly helpful and enthusiastic about selling our wine. They've been able to connect us with Buyers both large and small. This has helped us here at Wine Guerrilla sell over 2,000 cases of wine through the Merchant23 platform while being able to focus on creating great wines and experiences."

Matt Railla Owner, Wine Guerrilla

Merchant23 has successfully helped me reduce my inventory when others have fallen short. I have struggled to find a Distributor to represent my small winery. Now there is no need.

Hoot & Linda Smith Owners, Kastania Vineyards

Now that I have completed my information on, I just put in the wine we would like to sell? Wow, so simple! 

Rick Healy Director of Operations, Joseph Cellars Winery

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